Written Translation

Due to the Welsh Language Act 1993, and the Welsh Assembly Government's commitments in documents like Iaith Pawb, all public bodies must provide a bilingual service in Wales. Also many private bodies and voluntary bodies realise that it makes excellent business sense to provide a bilingual service, in Wales, and in other areas where Welsh is a community language.

Translation is a professional skill - being a native speaker of any language is not a guarantee of being a good translator.

Experience and Expertise

This list details some of our areas of expertise:

  • Education
  • Medicine & Healthcare;
  • Central & Local Government;
  • Social Work & Family Law;
  • Websites & IT;
  • Agriculture & Countryside Matters;
  • Tourism and Leisure.

This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us if you are interested in any other areas.

The Service

Tanat Translation's written translation service includes carrying out preliminary enquiries, and further enquiries while the work is underway, as required. Also, any instructions from the client will be followed. The translated document will always reflect the original document in terms of content, style and format.


We are proud of our ability to respond to a wide range of translation requests, promptly and efficiently, meeting the needs of our clients at all times. We will always discuss clients' requirements, and agree a timescale, before the commencement of work. If you have a particularly lengthy or complex document, please contact us as soon as possible to plan ahead and agree a timescale for final publication.

On average, it is possible for us to translate and proofread up to 1500 words per working day. Please bear this in mind when suggesting deadlines for written translation work. Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.


Documents containing up to 30 words are translated for free, apart from slogans. Our written translation rates are based on the number of words the original document contains. If you would like a ‘no obligation' estimate for completing a piece of written translation work please click here to access the Written Translation Request Form, or contact us for further information. There is a reduced fee for local groups and companies, and charities. Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.


The IT equipment we use includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, translation memory software, state of the art IT hardware and a high speed broadband connection. We use translation memory software and can deal with Trados, Deja Vu and WordFast translation memories. Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about translation memory software.

Our specialism is Wordfast translation memory software and we are the only Wordfast training provider in Wales. Go to the Wordfast Training page for further information.

Text for translation can be provided by e-mail, by fax, in hard copy format or on disk. Please click here for contact details.

Quality Assurance

The latest and most comprehensive reference materials and documents are used to verify all terminology and phraseology. Amongst these materials are CySill (Welsh dictionary and spell-checker software) and the National Assembly's online database TermCymru, and clients are encouraged to advise us of any specific requirements they have regarding the use of particular vocabulary or terms, such as any existing banks of titles they can provide. Further information about our Quality Assurance system.

We have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover with one of the industry's leading insurers.

Further Information

Further information about our qualifications, experience and skills: