Wordfast Training


Are you a translator who's interested in learning more about translation memory software and the benefits for you?

We are the only provider of Wordfast training in Wales, and one of only three trainers in the UK.

Wordfast is a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) programme, which combines two technologies: segmentation and Translation Memory (TM).

Wordfast considers a document to be a set of segments; a segment usually means a sentence. Every time a segment is translated, it is stored in the translation memory (TM). So a TM is a database of Translation Units (TU) – pairs of sentences mainly.

When Wordfast finds a segment, it delimits it and searches the TM for an exact (100%) or fuzzy match to the source segment. It it finds a match, the translation in the memory is offered.

During a training session we will look at the following aspects of Wordfast:

  • Translation memory (TM) – how to create one
  • Translating using Wordfast – translating a paragraph for the first time
  • Placeables – items which can be copied from the source to the target segment
  • Clean-up after translation
  • Analyze – to see how much repetition and matches a document contains without translating it
  • Glossaries – how to create and use them
  • Context search – searching for words and phrases in translation memories
  • Background translation memory (BTM) – how to create a large translation memory which runs in the background and only offers 100% matches
  • Align – how to create translation memories using documents which have already been translated without using Wordfast
  • Translating Excel, Access, PowerPoint and HTML files
  • Wordfast Pro and Wordfast Anywhere

We are experienced providers of training for translators from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, and we have provided training sessions for the Association of Welsh Translators.

Trainees who have paid for and received a training session of at least one full day are eligible to a discount, roughly 24%, off a Wordfast license when they buy the license, no later than 3 months after their training session.

Contact us if you would like further information or if you would like to discuss your needs further.