Simultaneous translation

What is Simultaneous Translation?

The purpose of simultaneous translation is to enable non-Welsh speakers to listen to contributions made in Welsh, at events such as meetings and conferences. Every contribution made in Welsh is simultaneously translated into English, and is delivered through headsets which are worn by attendees. Simultaneous translation involves a skill very different from that of written translation.

The Service

Tanat Translation provides simultaneous translation services from Welsh to English at all types of events during the working day, in the evening or at the weekend. We have experience of providing simultaneous translation services at events of all sizes, from national conferences to job interviews.

We can hire simultaneous translation equipment for your event, if sufficient notice is given. The number of headsets and equipment required will depend on the venue, the number of attendees and type of event.


If you would like a 'no obligation' estimate for providing a simultaneous translation service please access the Simultaneous Translation Request Form.

Further Information

Further information about our qualifications, experience and skills: