Editing and proofreading

Proofreading is an essential part of the translation process, and sufficient time must be allowed for it to be done thoroughly, even if the document is comparatively small.

The Proofreading Service

All work undertaken is always proofread before it is delivered to the client. This process is included in the price, which provides excellent value for money. Also, this process ensures that the translation is correct, of a high standard and reads well.

In addition, the checking of type-set proofs, before the final document is printed, is included in the price. We have extensive experience of working with design and print companies to ensure that the final printed translation is totally accurate and correct.

The Editing Service

Tanat Translation also provides an editing service for documents already drafted in Welsh. Your drafted documents can be edited and updated to ensure that your Welsh and bilingual documents are grammatically correct and of a high linguistic standard. The changes made in the edited document can be tracked to enable you to improve your existing skills.

You may also wish to use this service as a quality assurance tool, to assess the standard of work of another translator.


Although the proofreading of documents translated 'in-house' is included in our translation fee, there is a separate fee for editing other people's work. Documents containing up to 75 words are edited for free. The rates for editing other people's work are based on how much time it takes to edit the document. Please click here to go the the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

If you would like a 'no obligation' estimate for completing a piece of editing work please click here to access the Editing Request Form.

Further Information

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